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At Bright Torches, we believe in igniting a love of stories, sparking imagination and critical thinking. Our mission is to inspire and encourage individuals of all ages to ‘burn bright’ and engage with the world of literature through drama-based activities that support the academic, social and emotional development of young people. We understand that stories have the power to help us understand ourselves, and we believe that collaboration is crucial in developing social skills and building a brighter future. 
Our exciting workshops, teacher training programmes and projects are designed to complement the curriculum and strengthen speaking and listening skills. We work with schools to support the teaching of Shakespeare, 19th Century novels, poetry and other set texts, and promote spoken literacy. Our strategies for all learners, delivered through lively, playful activities, accelerate learning, and strengthen connections within the community. 
At Bright Torches, we are committed to providing fun and inspiring learning experiences that help individuals find their voice and shine bright.

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