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Bursting out of Primary School with a fun, confidence boosting end of year production. This project brings ancient stories right up to date!



The Epic Stages project offers year six pupils a unique opportunity to explore Greek Myths and develop their creative skills through a series of workshops, and in a performance of a brand-new adaptation of a myth at their school, containing original songs, Shakespeare and other poetry. Crucially, the process also allows for the children’s thoughts to be included in the final script, bringing the ancient story right up to date!

The project was initially launched at Charles Dickens Primary School, London in 2022 with a fresh take on Pandora's Box. Building on the success of this pilot and in further collaboration with the same school in 2023, Bright Torches created a brand-new adaptation of the myth of King Midas. The Pandora’s Box script, together with Bright Torches’ original musical score and backing tracks are now being used in multiple schools in the UK and in Paris.

Pandora’s Box is used to explore: living in a troubled world, gender expectations, diversity, curiosity and hope. The story of King Midas has provided an opportunity to explore what is actually valuable to all of us, and the true nature of happiness.


Please get in touch if you would like to perform Pandora or Midas at your school. Bright Torches practitioners are on hand to support the rehearsal process. See what people have been saying about us here!


To provide a fun, confidence boosting experience for Y6 pupils and magical joyful climax to their time at primary school

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