Thank you for giving me such valuable tools to bring home to my students and for making something wildly out of my comfort zone feel completely natural.
PD participant.

Your passion and enthusiasm for Shakespeare and education has renewed me as a teacher’

PD participant.

Bright Torches PD can provide strategies and activities for immediate use in the classroom as well as a chance to reflect on the challenges and opportunities of teaching Shakespeare. Workshops can be based on any Shakespeare play and can take place remotely (on Zoom) or in-person.


Tom Davey’s previous experience in the USA includes:

  • Course Director, Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance (for US teachers), Shakespeare’s Globe, 2018 and 2019 -

  • School of Education, UC Davis, CA - Work with pre-server teachers at with Multiple Subjects, English Language Arts and Social Studies Cohorts, 2018-2021.


To introduce activities to explore complex text.

"It gave them the confidence to have their own opinions and to voice them with a rationale"

Sofia Dimoglou, English and Drama Teacher, Priory School Lewes.

"Really engaging and a fun way of learning through experience."

Primary School Teacher, Sussex University

"Absolutely inspirational. I can now go back to my classroom with a wealth of new ideas to pass on!"

Secondary CPD Participant

"Everything you do seems so well thought out and professional. Really Impressed!"

Primary School Teacher, 'The Walk' project