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Today was great fun. The most useful and engaging hour and 30 minutes of PD I have done in my eight years in this district, and maybe in 21 years of teaching.  I walked away from today with several ideas I want to try. I hope we do it again.'
PD participant, San Jose 


Your passion and enthusiasm for Shakespeare and education has renewed me as a teacher’

PD participant, Shakespeare's Globe

Bright Torches PD can provide strategies and activities for immediate use in the classroom to aid the teaching of literary and non-literary texts.  

PD and can take place remotely (on Zoom) or in-person.


Bright Torches’ previous experience in the USA includes:

  • Course Director, Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance (for US teachers), Shakespeare’s Globe, 2018 and 2019 

  • School of Education, UC Davis, CA - Shakespeare, Power and persuasion: 3-day PD for established teachers, July 2022.

  • Bright Torches' Active Literacy Academy at UC Davis, CA,  2022: a week-long academy for pre-server teachers (ELA, Social Studies and Multiple Subjects)


To introduce activities to explore complex text.

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