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Bright Torches Secondary Workshops

Vibrant, dynamic workshops for every year group combining academic rigour with fun engaging activities that spark personal responses, build engagement in young people and accelerate learning! Shakespeare and 19th Century Novels.

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Fun and engaging drama-based workshops, for all ages, exploring language, themes, setting, characters and their dilemmas, designed to develop talk in the classroom with links to written tasks. We explore Shakespeare, poetry, myths and legends!  

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Teaching Shakespeare or the the 19th Century Novel? We provide support for English teachers at all stages of their careers. Active, impactful approaches, inspired by the actor’s rehearsal room designed to boost teacher confidence and enliven  classrooms.

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Looking for fresh and exciting ways to explore stories? We provide active, playful literacy strategies to explore stories and provoke talk in the classroom, leading to written responses.  Shakespeare, myths, poetry and much more!

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