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Bright Torches offers workshops for schools, differentiated for all grades and abilities. These workshops can be delivered in-person,  or remotely using Zoom.

Workshops can serve as an introduction to any Shakespeare play, a consolidation of teaching that has already taken place or revision.


Workshops support the Common Core Reading and Writing Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects at Grades 6-12.

Bright Torches’ previous experience in the USA includes:

  • Orange High School, North Carolina - Online workshops for AP Language students at exploring character theme and language in Macbeth.

  • Winter’s Elementary School - workshops for 4th and 5th Grade based on Shakespeare’s Henry V.

  • Shakespeare workshops in Sacramento, CA

  • Shakespeare workshops in San Jose, CA

  • Prospect High School - Online and in-person support for cast of Julius Caesar.


To help students understand, respond to and memorise text through energetic, fun and engaging activities.

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