Bright Torches offers workshops for schools, differentiated for all grades and abilities. These workshops can be delivered in-person or remotely using Zoom.

Workshops can serve as an introduction to any Shakespeare play, a consolidation of teaching that has already taken place or revision.


Workshops support the Common Core Reading and Writing Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects at Grades 6-12.

Tom Davey’s previous experience in the USA includes:

  • Orange High School, North Carolina- Online workshops for AP Language students at exploring character theme and language in Macbeth.

  • Winter’s Elementary School - workshops for 4th and 5th Grade based on Shakespeare’s Henry V.

  • Shakespeare workshops in Sacramento, CA

  • Prospect High School- Online support for cast of Julius Caesar.


To help students understand, respond to and memorise text through energetic, fun and engaging activities.

"It gave them the confidence to have their own opinions and to voice them with a rationale"

Sofia Dimoglou, English and Drama Teacher, Priory School Lewes.

"Really engaging and a fun way of learning through experience."

Primary School Teacher, Sussex University

"Absolutely inspirational. I can now go back to my classroom with a wealth of new ideas to pass on!"

Secondary CPD Participant

"Everything you do seems so well thought out and professional. Really Impressed!"

Primary School Teacher, 'The Walk' project