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'Hope is the thing that makes us go on journeys' 

Year 2 pupil, Manor Field Primary School


The Pandora's Box is a project suitable for year 2 and year 6 and explores the myth's themes of curiosity, boundaries, living in a challenging world, perfection and hope.

Previous iterations of the project have taken place at Charles Dickens Primary School, Southwark and Manor field Primary School, West Sussex.

Pandora's Box for year 6 ,  culminating in a production of Pandora’s Box, complete with songs and music. 

Elements of the project included:

> 'R&D workshops' exploring character and theme. The children’s words were then incorporated into the script.

> Preparation of the script and songs.

> We offered guidance and support to the teachers directing the production. 

> School visits to support the performers and director throughout rehearsal process.


Pandora's Box for year 2 (with outcomes for the whole school and the school community)

Elements of the project included:

> Installation - a massive box, wrapped like a present arrives in your school playground at drop-off time, clearly marked 'Do Not Open!' What do you do?  Would you open it? Who do you think left it there? 

> A one-woman storytelling performance for years 1 and 2.

> CPD for teachers.

> A workshop for parents and carers.

> 4 workshops with each year 2 class to explore characters and themes. 


Please get in touch to see the full evaluation, completed by the school's SLT, teachers, parents & carers. We would love to 'open the box' at your school!

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